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2888Re: Changes to the Hardrock qualifications and lottery for 2013

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  • Philip Murphy
    Jun 24 8:44 PM
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      Hi Blake,

      Good initiatives and a step forward for the future of the race by the Board.
      The weighting on the DNS tickets is interesting and fair imo. With such a
      high value on a dns ticket now, begs the question - are qualifiers cross
      checked with dns 'entrants' who were on the wait list or withdrew from the
      wait list? Just curious?



      On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 11:52 AM, Wood, Blake P <bwood@...> wrote:

      > Current and future Hardrockers:
      > At our last Board of Directors meeting, we agreed upon a number of changes
      > to our Hardrock qualification standards and lottery which will be effective
      > for the 2013 running. These may affect decisions you make long before our
      > December lottery and potentially affect decisions you make concerning the
      > 2012 run.
      > Qualification Standards � Service Requirement:
      > We will establish a service requirement for admission to the run,
      > consisting of 8 hours service in either a) an aid station at an ultra, b)
      > the management of an ultra, or c) work on a trail used by an ultra.
      > Certification of the service is due by June 1, and the form describing the
      > service must be signed by the RD of the ultra for which the service was
      > performed. Runners on the wait list on June 1 must have their service form
      > in if they are to be considered to take the place of subsequent withdrawls
      > from the start list. The window for performing the service begins with the
      > start of the previous year's Hardrock.
      > Lottery Changes:
      > Each year, we are faced with the difficult problem of how to choose 140
      > starters from nearly six times that many applicants, while still respecting
      > the values that make Hardrock Hardrock. The Board feels that our ideal mix
      > of runners would be 25% first-time Hardrockers, 25% veterans (i.e. >=
      > 5-time finishers), and 50% everyone else. To preserve this mix, we are
      > replacing our single weighted lottery with three weighted lottery pools,
      > each with its own wait list:
      > 1. "First-timers". 35 slots will be allocated to this lottery, which is
      > for anyone who has never started a Hardrock. The intention is to increase
      > the likelihood for applicants with many DNS's to get into the run.
      > Modeling suggests that giving applicants 2^N tickets, where N is the
      > number of previous DNSs, will ensure that those with the most DNSs will get
      > in, while still giving first-time applicants a chance. �DNS� includes both
      > those who were on the wait list and those who withdrew from either the wait
      > list or start list.
      > 2. "Veterans". 35 slots will be allocated to this lottery, which is for
      > anyone who has five or more Hardrock finishes, with the following
      > qualification: an applicant who DNFs in two consecutive attempts beginning
      > in 2012 will be placed into the "Everyone else" pool until they complete
      > the run in a subsequent year. Applicants will get one ticket for each
      > previous Hardrock finish. The number in this pool is about the same as the
      > number of 5-time finishers bypassing the lottery in each of the past few
      > years, and so comes close to preserving this feature.
      > 3. "Everyone else". 70 slots will be allocated to this lottery, which is
      > for anyone not in one of the previous two lotteries. The algorithm for
      > ticket allocation will be unchanged from the current one. Modeling
      > suggests that the chances of being selected from this lottery will be
      > better than under the current system.
      > Runners not selected in the first two lotteries WILL NOT be rolled over
      > into the third lottery. If fewer than 35 "veterans" apply, the unused
      > slots will be added to the "everyone else" pool.
      > A separate wait list will be maintained for each lottery. When a runner
      > withdraws from the start list, a runner will be taken from the wait list
      > for the lottery from which the withdrawn runner was chosen.
      > The previous year's winners will continue to bypass the lottery, but they
      > will count against the lottery pool they would have been in.
      > - Blake
      > Blake Wood
      > President, Hardrock Board of Directors

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