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  • Jamil Coury
    May 30, 2012
      Greetings Hardrockers,

      Having Dale's permission, I'm sending out some information on other running
      events coming up this summer in Silverton. Over the past few years I have
      assisted Rodger Wrublik in organizing the Blue Ribbon 5/10K on July 4th,
      Kendall Mountain Run, the resurrection of the Silverton Alpine Marathon and
      his dream race, the Silverton 1000 Multiday. Rodger asked me to take over
      the direction of the Kendall Mountain Run and Silverton Alpine Marathon
      this past summer to relieve some of his workload which I accepted. To
      promote these two events along with a new run on the same 1 mile loop
      around the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area used in the Silverton 1000
      event, I've launched a webpage www.silvertonalpinerunning.com with
      information about these events and Silverton running in general. The site
      currently has updated information on the three events we will be organizing
      in Silverton this summer, but I hope to include other general information
      about running in Silverton. Let me know if you have any feedback on what
      you would like to see there!

      I'd like to invite you to take a look at these events if you are looking to
      spend more time in Silverton this summer or experience some of the other
      runs that take place there. All of these runs have a very family / small
      town type feel, and I hope we'll see you out at one of them this summer.
      Here is our schedule:

      Silverton 6/12/24 Hour - June 30, 2012 (Kendall Mountain Recreation
      Inaugural event on a 1 mile loop with 250 feet of gain each loop

      Kendall Mountain Run & Marathon - July 21,

      38th Annual run to the top of Kendall Mountain and back to town. Kendall
      Mountain Marathon ascends twice!

      Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50K - August 25, 2012 (Alpine Loop Jeep
      Classic alpine loop to the top of California Pass (12,960 ft) past historic
      mining towns of Howardsville, Eureka, Animas Forks, & Gladstone.

      On a more personal note, if anyone is up in Silverton at all between June
      and September, reach out to me if you are looking for a running partner! I
      will be living in Silverton most of the summer and would enjoy the company!
      I will be posting photos and info on everything having to do with
      Silverton and running on our Facebook page too:

      Jamil Coury
      (still holding out hope of being pulled off the waitlist!)

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