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2847Re: Hardrock Runners' Manual Error - PACERS ALLOWED FROM OURAY

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  • kaitainen
    May 20 7:42 AM
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      As a side note, IF YOU WANT A PACER, read up!

      The pacer/pacee spreadsheet is online and free to edit by anyone who either needs a pacer or wants to be a pacer. It has data columns for your intent, your experience, and contact info to facilitate finding someone.

      I don't want it completely open to the world, so I won't link to it here (especially since I once I grant access you can edit the doc freely), BUT send me an email and I'll send the link to you.

      Use andrea@...


      --- In hr100@yahoogroups.com, Charles Thorn <thorncha@...> wrote:
      > All,
      > There is an error in the 2012 Hardrock runners' manual. It states that
      > pacers can accompany runners beginning at Grouse Gulch. That is WRONG.
      > Pacers are allowed beginning at Ouray.
      > I'm sorry for the misprint. If anyone finds other errors, please let me
      > know.
      > I hope to see everyone at Hardrock this summer.
      > Charlie
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