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2802Update re Wasatch Trail in Bear Creek Telluride

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  • Kenneth Capps
    Jan 19, 2012
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      Hello everyone: 
      I’m following up on a post from April of 2010 regarding the Gold Hill Development Company’s closure of the Wasatch and East Fork trails that have been part of the course of the HRH except for last year when the GHDC refused access. 
      I am a lawyer for the Forest Service.  We are evaluating a lawsuit to reopen the trails and we need photos of FS trail signs over the years.  We are focused on the period from 1990 through 2010 but would be happy to get earlier photos as well.  I’ve been working with the Board through Rick Trujillo but, time is getting short, so I thought I’d reach out to this yahoogroup and see if any of you can help us out.  So far, we have only one historic photo of a trail sign.  There have been signs at the Wasatch saddle, the upper and lower intersections of Wasatch Trail and East Fork trail, the intersection of Wasatch Trail and the Wasatch Connection, and where the Wasatch trail intersects the Bear Creek road.  It seems to be a common human trait to take photos at trail signs.  So, I’m sure some of you have taken such photos or know someone who did. 
      Please contact me if you think you have helpful information or photos. 

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