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2793Re: [hr100] "Camping" before Hardrock

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  • Jean-Jacques d
    Dec 19, 2011
      Neither Little Molas nor Mineral creek (1st camp ground on left and free) have hookups.  The large Mineral Creek campground at the end of the road is a fee area and gets very crowded early and stays that way through most of the summer.  It may or may not have some hookups.
      If you are planning to stay at an in-town RV park during race days you had better make reservations there right now.  It may even be too late as the week before and after the 4th of July overflows with RVs and many people make reservations a year in advance.
      Other than that, Bruce is "spot-on" as the Brits say.

      From: Bruce Grant <lonerunman@...>
      To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 12:08 PM
      Subject: Re: [hr100] "Camping" before Hardrock

      Jerry - your best best would be one of the Molas Lake campgrounds located
      south of Silverton. They are at 11000', prime territory for acclimatising.

      There is a private campground with some facilities on the east side of the
      highway. You can reserve here, which may be a consideration if you are
      staying through the July 4 weekend. You can probably get sites with
      power/hook-ups for an RV, if that is important to you.

      On the west side of the highway, there is a turnoff about a mile or so
      further south of the private campground that will head up to Little Molas
      Lake, where there is a public free campground in the National Forest land.
      A number of Hardrockers will camp up here in the week(s) prior to the race,
      and if you get there early before the July 4 crowd and scope out a large
      site that you are willing to share with fellow runners in tents, you'll be
      some kind of hero (I recommend the first spot on the left as you get in
      there!). There are no facilities except an outhouse, and water is from a
      creek. It is pretty sweet up there.

      There is also a state campground at the end of Mineral Creek, it is a fee
      area as well and I'm not sure if it has hook-ups for RV's. It is also
      relatively lower elevation, being not much higher than Silverton's altitude.

      Hope that helps! Others may have suggestions for something a bit more
      remote in different areas.


      On 19 December 2011 10:38, Bloom, Jerry S <jerry.bloom@...> wrote:

      > **
      > For Hardrock this year, Kathy and I are looking to rent an RV, bring the
      > dogs and come out a bit early to soak up the lack of O2.
      > I figure the last couple days we will rent an RV spot in town but before
      > that was hoping to camp somewhere remote and high. I'm not sure how much
      > "off roading" a guy can do in a rented 24-30' behemoth but something in the
      > middle of nowhere would be pretty loverly.
      > I figure there has to be a bunch of Hardorckers who have done the same
      > thing in years past and I am hoping that one or two of them are on this
      > list. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks!
      > Jerry
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