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2757Hardrock update for this weekend

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  • Dale Garland
    Dec 3, 2011
      Hi Everybody,
      Obviously there is a lot of interest in the Hardrock lottery tomorrow.
      We will begin drawing lottery names at about 10:30 am Silverton time. We will
      be tweeting the names and then posting the final results on our website
      tomorrow afternoon.

      We'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome UltrAspire as a
      sposnor for the 2012 Hardrock. According to Krissy Moehl, who worked with
      Hardrock to bring UltrAspire to Silverton next summer, "UltrAspire's focus on
      athletes pushing their limits our products are made with the Hardrock
      personality and mentality in mind. As a brand we are excited to participate
      and support the 2012 race and look forward to an ongoing partnership."
      Hardrock is happy to welcome UltrAspire to the 2012 Hardrock. For more
      information on ultraspire you can visit their website at www.ultraspire.net.

      Good luck to everyone entered in the lottery and we'll be in touch

      Dale Garland
      RD, Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run