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27[hr100] Hello Hardrockers

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  • danar@us.ibm.com
    Feb 18, 2000
      Just a quick note to say hi and to let everyone know I've just joined the
      list. After the first time I did Hardrock in 1996, I said never again,
      this run is beyond ridiculous, that thought didn't last 100 miles out of
      Silverton. This will be my third time at Hardrock and I'm really looking
      forward to it. I've been running huge miles (over 400/month) since I sent
      my app in the beginning of Sept.

      I have never had one of those races of a lifetime where everything goes
      perfectly, you feel great and seem to have endless energy. I read about
      people who have great runs and they say everything just clicked. For me,
      things usually kind of clunk. I am hoping that just maybe I can have one
      of those races that click at Hardrock this year. Just in case it happens,
      I'm preparing mentally and physically for it to handle it. If it doesn't,
      that's OK, I'm going to have a great time and I'll certainly be in great
      shape to enjoy it.

      The only section of this course which I am concerned with loosing the trail
      is descending through Putnam as Matt has mentioned. In 1996 I didn't have
      to worry, Ulli Kamm caught up to me so I just followed him through the
      basin. In 1997, everyone went through this section fresh and in daylight
      and they where still wandering all over the place looking for the trail.
      This year I guess I'll have to just get there before dark so it will be
      easier to find where I'm going. Besides, the more miles you can have
      behind you before dark on the second night, the better. I am always amazed
      at how slow things go once in the dark on the second night. It's as if you
      are doomed to 30 minute miles, no matter how hard you think you are

      I look forward to seeing many of you again and for those I haven't met,
      hopefully meeting you for the first time.


      Dana Roueche
      Boulder, CO
      tieline: 419-7020, 6-7020
      Outside line: 303-354-7020
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