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  • Olga Varlamova
    Jul 11, 2011

      I don't have enough words to describe 10 days Larry and I lived through in
      San Juans...and I don't think I need to. Although pictures don't do the
      justice to this magnificent place, they are still better than words.

      This is the idea of a vacation many would agree is The Best. having not
      gotten into Hardrock 100, we still didn't want to miss on being where the
      heart belongs to - the place, the race, the people. So, we spent a week
      hiking many a trails out of Silverton area (those that are NOT part of the
      race, to explore, to see, to love). The weather on day 3 (July 3rd) turned
      to the "interesting" with monsoon season moving in much earlier this year.
      The thunderstorms and lightening were chasing everyone down soon after noon
      for the rest of the day. This trend continued for the race weekend as well,
      even worse, following the runners as they made their way on the course.
      There was no relief, and many were caught at the top of the peaks, above
      13,000 feet, soaked wet and in danger of been struck by lightening. Couple
      that with late snow this year and wet (more than usual) course conditions,
      the Hardrock claimed runners. Out of 140 starters 80 finished. they are my

      We swept (picked up marking) from start to Maggies (mile 15~), and next day
      dismounted a new section that wasn't used. The thoughts went between "I am
      glad I am not in" to "I NEED to be here, and I WANT to be tested". It is not
      you against mountains, and not even you against clock. It is you - and you.
      Some days you win. Some days you take a step back. This is life.

      There is no better place to figure it out.

      To all who was there - my heartfelt hugs.

      I miss this place already.

      Is it July 2012 yet?


      p.s. I'll put more captions as days go.

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