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  • Scott Brockmeier
    Jul 3 9:37 AM
      Maria Sylvia Petzold <maria.sylvia.petzold@...> is looking to pace someone. Below is a note she sent to the ultra list.


      Hi there,

      I was wondering if there's anyone of you out there running Hardrock
      this year and still in need for a pacer.

      I paced 60 miles last year (Howie Stern), and 28 miles the year before
      (Howard Cohen) - both to a PR.

      Hardrock is something very special to me - it was my first experience
      in Colorado, and finally made me move to Colorado from California.
      So, I'd like to have an excuse to be out on the course, and benefit
      from the aid stations, and meet all the great Hardrock people, aside
      from getting sunrise in the San Juans, after a night long of

      I am pretty easy going, and can either indicate things like stream
      crossings, obstacles on the trail, etc. ahead of time, or not talk
      much at all, if preferred. Or, I can motivate. I can go over
      logistics ahead of time etc.
      I'll stick it out with you if you have a moment at an aid station and
      need to rest for an hour. The only condition I would have for pacing
      is: be determined to not drop, even if it's hard (it's Hardrock! :)),
      unless there's a medical urgency or a safety concern.

      I'd really just like to be at Hardrock 2011 :)

      Please email me off list if interested.

      Thanks, and good luck to all Hardrockers!
      "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a
      habit." - Aristotle

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