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2632Re: [hr100] Re: Hardrock by the numbers

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  • Olga Varlamova
    Jul 2, 2011
      I am all for making rules stricter. How about dropping Leadville, and adding
      that you have to "serve" the course in capacity of pacer, trail worker, race
      volunteer, marking, sweeping, and so on? Kind of Badwater pathway. Also, not
      "finished HR in the last 5 years", but limit to 2 years on that, and then
      run another qualifier?

      Olga, who is so far down the list it's not even funny, but here, enjoying
      this most beautiful playground.

      On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 8:17 AM, zagbag5 <zagbag5@...> wrote:

      > **
      > I like the message you're sending!
      > Is there any consideration to change the qualifying standards?
      > I wouldn't be opposed to dropping Leadville as a qualifier (even though I
      > used it!) or requiring two qualifying runs to enter.
      > Seems like we need to narrow the potential runner list to those who really
      > want to run HR and not just hit up the lottery because they can and then
      > decide later. Just a thought; I'm not knowledgeable about the numbers of
      > entrants y'all get or how they look.
      > Coming this year to volunteer and enjoy some mountain air!
      > Steven in Austin TX.
      > > And just because the qualifying rules of Hardrock reward a DNF with
      > > three additional years of eligibility to post another DNF (an oxymoronic,
      > > self-perpetuating vehicle for promoting DNF's), consider you can
      > > always run another qualifying 100-miler instead of posting a DNF in the
      > > Hardrock 100 Mile Run to retain your eligibility for the run.
      > >
      > > Remember, the Hardrock 100 Mile Run is conceived to be completed over the
      > course of 2 days, not 2 years....
      > >
      > > Best of luck to all,
      > > Steve Kral
      > >
      > >
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