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2469Re: [hr100] Length of Hardrock Wait List and how many might get in from it

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  • Twiggsc@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2011
      The entire population of the US is already waiting to do Hardrock; they just don't realize it yet.

      My favorite line about HR100 comes from you: (paraphrased) How could this not be normal - all my friends are doing it!

      I really look forward to seeing all my friends again in Silverton!

      Forced to run on the beach because the only mountains in Florida are at Disney (Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain)

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      From: Blake P. Wood <bwood@...>
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      Sent: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 1:21 pm
      Subject: [hr100] Length of Hardrock Wait List and how many might get in from it

      Every year following the Hardrock Lottery, we get many questions about how many can expect to get in off the wait list.

      Here is the historical data for how many were on the wait list initially, and the initial wait list number of the last person to get into the run:

      2003: 75, 75
      2004: 74, 50
      2005: 99, 28
      2006: 130, 42
      2007: 149, 38
      2008: 214, 99
      2009: 206, 27
      2010: 289, 28
      2011: 445, ??

      I calculate that at this rate of exponential growth, by the year 2075 the entire population of the U.S. will be on the Hardrock wait list.

      - Blake

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