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2449Re: [hr100] News on next weeks lottery drawing

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  • Jon MacManus
    Jan 31, 2011

      I did attach but for some reason it doesn't show up on hr100@.... I
      was supposed to send it to Dale but made a big mistake. I apologize for
      doing it and if it doesn't get selected for the finishers print, I will feel
      more foolish than I already do. But even if it doesn't get selected I think
      I can arrange for you to see it and I think you will like it.


      On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 8:12 PM, Garett Graubins <graubins@...> wrote:

      > Hi Jon -
      > Did you mean to attach it ... or is it top secret? :) I would love to see
      > it.
      > Hope to see you in Silverton in July.
      > - Garett
      > Garett Graubins // 303-728-4387
      > "The best way out is always through."
      > - Robert Frost
      > --- On Mon, 1/31/11, Jon MacManus <jonsart1@...<jonsart1%40gmail.com>>
      > wrote:
      > From: Jon MacManus <jonsart1@... <jonsart1%40gmail.com>>
      > Subject: Re: [hr100] News on next weeks lottery drawing
      > To: hr100@yahoogroups.com <hr100%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Date: Monday, January 31, 2011, 6:45 PM
      > Attached is my submission for the 2011 Hardrock Hundred finishers print. I
      > know it�s the same as last years but it is specific to Hardrock so I have
      > no
      > place else to put it. This is the creek crossing at the bottom of Arastra
      > Gulch.
      > Here is a proposal to go along with the submission. A giclee, signed and
      > numbered print on a high end vanilla colored archival printmaking paper
      > with
      > torn edges mounted on a piece of brown foam core board enclosed in a clear
      > plastic resealable envelope.
      > Along with this would be included a handsome certificate which will be
      > filled out prior to the final ceremony with the finishers name, time and
      > place which will correspond to the print received. This certificate may be
      > given out in addition to the print or fastened to the back of the foam core
      > the print is mounted on and sealed in the clear plastic envelope.
      > Some benefits to doing it in this fashion are: the print is an actual piece
      > of artwork on very nice archival paper rather than just a poster. It would
      > not be necessary to use tubes which roll the paper, giving it a memory
      > which
      > is hard to remove. The print and certificate are visible yet protected. The
      > print can be very attractively framed with or without the certificate. This
      > unique award presentation would enhance the entire Hardrock experience.
      > I have investigated pricing for this project and estimate the cost of this
      > to be not more than $1,200.00 for 140 prints. My labor to put all these
      > together of course will be free.
      > The use of this print is in no way contingent on the proposal. If you would
      > like to have this printed in the conventional poster format, that can be
      > done as well.
      > Jon MacManus
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