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  • Deb P
    Dec 9, 2010
      Thanks all for the kind words. I am out of the hospital but pretty useless.
      In fact, I feel like I was hit by a truck!
      After seeing the truck today while trying to retrieve belongings at the
      wrecking yard, I have to say I think God's hand was on me - the ONLY part of
      the cab that isn't smashed to smithereens is where I was sitting. Had little
      Gibbs the dog been in the back of the truck as usual, he would most
      certainly have been killed, as the back of the truck is gone, but he was in
      the cab with me and has only minor bumps and bruises. Another miracle.
      I'm here in Texas with family for awhile because I can't drive, run, paint,
      or much of anything else for awhile. I start to get antsy, and then the
      painkillers wear off...


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