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2361Re: [hr100] Registration and Lottery Odds

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Oct 22, 2010
      Steve Pero wrote:
      > It's my understanding that Hardrock never was or never will be considered
      >a "race".

      Some people don't consider a 5K a race. They are perfectly happy to walk or jog
      it with a group of friends in 40 minutes and get a T-shirt and some food
      afterward and not worry about the awards.

      Others look at Hardrock and see:
      - A start line
      - A finish line
      - A prescribed and marked course
      - A clock
      - An official says "go"
      - Finish results
      - Awards based on finish order
      which sure looks to me like a race. (The fact that a 40 minute 5K pace would set
      a course record is irrelevant).

      And if it's not a race, then why are there pacers? Some say it is a safety
      issue. Sorry, I have to call BS. In a typical big city marathon with 30,000
      runners, you can statistically expect one death. If all of those runners had
      pacers, then the runners might feel safer, but you would instead average two
      deaths. Elite runners use pacers because when you are chasing six figure prize
      money at 4:48/mile, wind resistance matters. I fail to see how it matters when
      you are crawling up Grant-Swamp pass. Any advantage will probably be offset by
      your pacer accidentally pushing rocks down on you. (Ask David Horton about his
      broken finger).

      IMHO pacing is just a way to run half the race for free, either because you
      didn't get in the lottery or because you weren't trained well enough to run the
      whole thing.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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