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2360Re: [hr100] Registration and Lottery Odds

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  • Steve Pero
    Oct 22, 2010
      It's my understanding that Hardrock never was or never will be considered a
      "race". The idea is for people (I very very loosely call us runners) to
      enjoy the San Juans in an Endurance event. It is named the Hardrock Hundred
      Endurance Run.
      The 48 hour cutoff is to give the participants plenty of time to get it done
      and still be able to find cover in the event of a storm. Sure, the faster
      runners do "race" each other, but I enjoy seeing John Dewalt come across the
      line bent at the waist or Jennifer Roach last year kissing the rock with
      tears streaming down her face with only minutes to spare....that's what
      Hardrock is all about.
      I can't imagine anyone devoting the energy to enter the lottery and then
      train for Hardrock without planning on finishing...I would hope if someone
      was planning on not running the whole run, then they would step aside and
      give the next wait luster their spot and pace instead.

      Now that the racing season is about over, everyone must be getting anxious
      about the lottery already ;-) Good to see the activity...

      See you in June!
      Steve (2 finishes out of 7 attempts)

      On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 8:45 AM, Matt Mahoney <matmahoney@...> wrote:

      Also, how about some extra allowance for the best runners so that a win or a

      course record actually means something? This is a race, after all, even if
      the top runners treat it that way. Hardrock will never see a showdown
      the likes of Krupicka, Matt Carpenter, and Killian Jornet because it is
      all of them could ever get in the lottery with just one ticket each. Make
      standards clear, like a top 10 finish in a qualifying race in the last 2
      As it is now, a Hardrock trophy just means you were lucky enough to get in
      your faster competition was not. Who cares? If you are doing it just for the

      experience, then you can hike the course any time.

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