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2359Re: [hr100] Registration and Lottery Odds

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Oct 22, 2010
      james varner wrote:
      > i like that idea steve(even though that would cost me a ticket) and how
      >about requiring volunteering at a hardrock aid station or pacing(50miles) at
      atleast once in the past 5 years to get in the lottery

      Here is a better idea. How about not allowing pacers? That way the race could
      support more runners. It also might cut down on the number of less qualified

      Also, how about some extra allowance for the best runners so that a win or a
      course record actually means something? This is a race, after all, even if only
      the top runners treat it that way. Hardrock will never see a showdown between
      the likes of Krupicka, Matt Carpenter, and Killian Jornet because it is unlikely
      all of them could ever get in the lottery with just one ticket each. Make the
      standards clear, like a top 10 finish in a qualifying race in the last 2 years.
      As it is now, a Hardrock trophy just means you were lucky enough to get in and
      your faster competition was not. Who cares? If you are doing it just for the
      experience, then you can hike the course any time.

      Everyone else should go on a multi-year waiting list, starting with the wait
      list from this year. Enter any time, and your name goes on the end. If you can't
      make it during the year when your name comes up, then you go to the back of the
      line again.

      Steve Kral wrote:
      > They be better if people who DNFed any time in the past 3 years had one
      >ticket taken away for each such occurrence....

      Yeah, my 48:00:28 DNF in 2007 shows that I really suck at this. My fault for not
      using a crew, pacer, or drop bags.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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