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  • The Troubadour
    Jul 7, 2010
      [Friends, I just this split-second realized that: since today's "edition"
      is No. 14, the most recent previous to this--and the one that was
      transmitted over the "cyberwaves" less than 60 minutes before our place was
      HIT by a TORNADO (which thankfully didn't actually touch ground, just trees;
      which then, of course, did actually smash into our place :(--well, *that*
      last issue was No. 13. So it is with great hope and trust in probability
      theory and odds-making by "Nick the Greek" that multiples of "13" don't
      count in desktop publishing, and that we should be good here until, uh, at
      least the year 2013. Ya think?

      [But now it is, once again, whether I or you or they or anybody else gives a
      hooey (or a rear axle with "Posi-Traction"): Positivity Wednesday. So
      today--practically on the eve of yet another Badwater Ultramarathon--we'd
      like to pay a little homage to someone who's WON IT TWICE--outright!!
      Someone whom "the wise guys" would never have thought so; someone who, in
      order to say "beat all the men," would have to be a woman.

      [And she is! She is most definitely and positively Pam Reed, just as sure
      as today is positively Wednesday--all day long. Here. You can read
      something about her that she wrote herself:

      She has been the world's foremost authority on weight loss, having never
      acquired any, and has been consulted around the globe by experts struggling
      with how to reduce the girth... of Earth.

      She has written books on mileage, being one of the world's foremost
      authorities on that, too.

      In footraces against men, she has the distinct advantage because they can't
      see her.

      She has been affectionately nicknamed "The Gal Loping Ghost."

      "The World's Toughest Footrace"? She has won it outright twice, just to
      prove to everyone that the first time was no fluke.

      When men challenge her to multi-hundred-mile races, she runs farther than
      they do. When they change the rules mid-race, she still wins. She only
      allows those various he-men to be victorious when they challenge her as to
      how many delivered pizzas she can eat on the road.

      When she and her family go on vacation, they take the car and she takes the
      shoes. Usually, she'll beat them to their destination by about a day and a

      She has been honored by every sports magazine in the solar system as "The
      Runner of The Epoch."

      And every athlete in the universe has at least twice voted her "Runner of
      The Cosmos."

      She met a 100-mile race entrant once, while sitting in a hot tub at Truckee,
      California. She does not remember that, but he can never forget.

      She is The Most Interesting Woman in the World.

      "I don't always run every single minute for several days in a row; but when
      I do, I prefer not to walk. Stay active, my friends."

      ( 00 )

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      Rich Limacher
      ["Ain't no body ever plucks lutes like me"]

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