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  • Matt Mahoney
    Nov 23, 2000
      (X-posted to the Hardrock mailing list).

      I also think it would be more convenient to do Nolan's
      14 2-3 weeks after Hardrock (assuming I'm in. I sent
      in my entry Nov. 2). With 5 weeks between races, I'd
      have to return to Florida and then re-acclimate to the
      altitude like I did last year.

      Anyone else planning on doing Nolan's 14 next year?
      (See my report at
      http://mmahoney.teejay.net/nolans/history.html )

      --- Hans-Dieter Weisshaar <HD.WEISSHAAR@...>
      > Dear Fred,
      > I hope you have got a reliable and nice and well
      > paid job! Thanks for
      > your answer!
      > Although I can live with the proposed date of
      > Thursday, August 16, as I
      > not necessarily want to repeat Leadville again,
      > there is one argument -
      > except the longer daylight - for doing it a bit
      > earlier:
      > At least three of the proposed starters, maybe more,
      > will do the
      > Hardrock as preparation and training for NOLAN. This
      > year Blake Wood,
      > Matt Mahoney, Charlie Thorn, Ginny Laforma (DNF) and
      > I did Hardrock I
      > assume, that the great majority of the NOLAN starter
      > will do this in
      > 2001 again. At the date of Hardrock these runners
      > are perfectly adapted
      > to the altitude and in a good climbing training. I
      > wonder, if we can
      > keep this high level for another four and a half
      > week. Only a few of us
      > can stay (by several reasons) the entire time from
      > Hardrock until NOLAN
      > in Colorado. So I like to think about and propose an
      > earlier date in
      > closer connection to Hardrock.
      > Please remind, that I am free for all dates as an
      > retired person and
      > remind, that I pointed out earlier, that I am not
      > "heavy" enough for
      > making the date.
      > I guess, that there might be a short discussion of
      > the proposed runners
      > (including "recounting-state" citizens) about
      > optimal date, especially -
      > as I understood from earlier emails - facing the
      > fact, that this date
      > should be a fixed one for the upcoming years, e.g.
      > always at the second
      > Thursday in August.
      > I will forward this proposal to Charlie and Matt, I
      > don't have the other
      > emails.
      > Thanks for your work for all of us again and enjoy
      > Thanksgiving
      > weekend!
      > Hans

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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