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2122Hardrock lottery gathering

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  • Fred Ecks
    Feb 2, 2010
      Howdy gang,

      The 2010 Hardrock lottery will be this Sunday, starting about 11:00 AM.
      Some of us will be getting together at my place to share the excitement
      and pore over the results. It sounds like we may be able to phone in
      via Skype to hear the lottery live, but no promises yet. :-)

      Those of you who aren't too far away, please c'mon over! It'll be a
      potluck -- bring a dish to share, and whatever beverage you'll enjoy.
      Here's the address:

      Fred & Ann's place
      785 33rd St.
      Boulder, CO 80303
      (303) 800-4604

      >From Baseline Road, turn at 32nd or 35th to jog onto the frontage road,
      and then turn north on 33rd. We're a little over halfway down the block
      on the left side. Look for the house with tiki torches lining the

      I'm told the results will be posted online around 2:00 PM. At that
      point we can chat about who may wanna pace whom!

      Please RSVP so I have some idea of how many folks to expect.

      Hope to see you here,

      - Fred