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21[hr100] Re: No Subject

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  • Chip Tuthill
    Feb 11, 2000
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      At 08:51 AM 2/11/00 -0700, you wrote:
      >Matt said, "And while we're at it, lets get rid of the ropes at
      >the river crossings and Virginius Pass. And lets get
      >rid of the course markings. You should be able to
      >read a map. And no crews, pacers, or drop bags
      >allowed. And no aid stations. Lets make this a REAL
      >I can arrange that.
      >Charlie Thorn

      Okay enough from matt. Let's keep the markings, streams and dunkings.
      If Matt doesn't want the above, let him do HR 2 weeks before everyone else.
      Problem solved.

      Bern & I plan on being at the Grand Canyon around the 20th of June. I plan
      on doing a
      R2R ( one way only) . Anyone interested?

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