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2070running in los alamos this fall

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  • james varner
    Oct 13, 2009
      hey there folks

      i'm hopefully coming down to los alamos for some running this fall but i'm not sure when yet. i'd love to see/run with all of you that live there, or near there or along the way from washington (boise, moab, silverton, etc). i'm concerned however that i won't be able to get down there for a another few weeks so i'm wondering when the snow starts to really stick there in los alamos, especially up on the highest trails. i know every year is different and a freak storm could come in at any time but some general ideas of what i could normally expect would be great! i've been watching the weather forecasts and it looks like there may have already been some dustings but the temps have been high during the day still and lots of sunny days so dustings probably aren't lasting very long but it's hard to know from here in the north cascades.

      thanks and i hope to see ya'll soon!
      Rainshadow Running

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