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2001fourteener running blog and live feed

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  • cloud runner
    Jul 8, 2009
      Good luck to those brave and hearty souls running Hard Rock !!!!

      Next week, we will be doing a Three Generational series of runs of Fourteeners, and invite you to keep tabs on us, read about it, see photos, watch the live feed, or even join up with us for any of the runs!

      We will be in the area of Buena Vista and Leadville, from July 12 to July 18. We will announce on the URL our intentions for the days, and invite anyone to meet us at the trail heads, or meet us for dinner that evening, or check out the live video feed.


      We will also transmit via amateur radio from high passes on some afternoons, which will be announced.

      With best wishes,

      Fred Maas - Grandpa-Coach

      amateur radio KT5X


      Founder of Wings, the Native American Cross-Country team

      Dan Maas - coach

      amateur radio N5HFZ

      sixteen time sub-four minute miler

      Collegiate Academic All American of the Year for all sports, 1991

      seven time collegiate national champion

      Adams State College Hall of Fame

      Calvin Maas - grandson

      age 14

      ran first fourteener at age 13

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