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199Re: [hr100] First supplement to "Ultrapeople Magazine"

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  • GRoachHigh@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2000
      In a message dated 7/31/00 9:20:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
      thetroubadour@... writes:

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      Hey Rich,

      I met Carl Yates quite by fate, but I think he had it planned. It was about
      11:30 pm on Sat. night and Rick Hamilton and I were halfway along the Kamm
      Traverse. Rick was dutifully pacing me through a steady drizzle when we
      stumbled across Carl sitting on a narrow corner of the Traverse, shining his
      flashlight uopn us. He wanted to make sure that my pacer and I were OK and
      finding our way across the slimey, foggy narrow trail down to KT aid
      Station. He was clad in a big rain poncho. He took me quite by suprize but
      Rick just looked up and casually said, "Oh, hello there, Carl."

      Wish I could have stopped and talked with this HR 100 ledgend longer but I
      had to finish Hardrock!

      Thanks Carl!

      Jennifer Roach
      Boulder, CO.