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191509 Hardrock Trail Work

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  • Charles Thorn
    Jun 1 12:16 PM

      This year's Hardrock trail work is planned for Friday, July 3rd and
      Monday July 6th. As has been our practice in past years, we're
      working with the Ouray Trails group. We will not be doing trail work
      on Handies Peak this year.

      On Friday, meet at the Ouray Bear Creek Trailhead at 8 AM a few miles
      up US 550 from Ouray, at the tunnel. The work will be on the Bear
      Creek Trail, probably focused on the "washout area" about 3 miles up
      the trail.

      On Monday, meet at 8 at AM at the Horse Thief Trail about one mile
      east of Engineer Pass, high up. That day's work will focus on getting
      trail construction materials down the Horse Thief Trail and working on
      the high end of the trail. 4WD will be needed to get up to the start
      and we hope to be able to set up vehicle pooling. More details will
      be known at the July 3rd trail work day.

      There is no need to reserve or register a place for the trail work
      because we have no limit on the number of workers. Just show up on
      Friday and Monday. There will be information updates, if needed, in
      Silverton after the start of the course marking on June 27.

      As usual, if you work BOTH trail days, you're eligible for one
      additional 2010 Hardrock Lottery entry ticket.

      If you have any questions, contact me or Rick Trujillo
      (rstrux@...) who is coordinating with the Ouray folks.