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1873Re: [hr100] Chances of getting in off the Hardrock wait list

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  • Steve Pero
    Feb 5, 2009
      As #77 on the wait list, I know I won't be running this year. Yeah, that
      bums me out, but in reality I have been very fortunate the past 8 years!
      Sure I was on the wait list, but it was either back when there were only
      30 or so on the list or I ended up high on it. In 2003, I think I was #3
      or so, but Deb was #48. I asked Dale to move me down with Deb, which he
      did and we got in the race on July 4th.
      This year I will have fun....go out for Camp Hardrock, then crew and
      pace Deb. So I'll get to run the 2nd half of the run, but after getting
      some sleep ;-)

      Congrats to all who got in and for those of you with a number higher
      than #40, deal with it....as a friend has said to me every year while in
      Silverton "This is not real life!"

      Hopefully see you in July for Camp Hardrock!
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