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185Hardrock/Nolan's training runs

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Jun 22, 2000
      Today I climbed Mt. Bierstadt from Guanila Pass.
      There is very little snow for this time of year, just
      a few isolated patches above 13,000 ft. The weather
      was perfect, sunny with light winds. I only needed
      shorts and a windbreaker at the 14,060 ft. summit.

      Altitude acclimation is another story. I just flew
      from sea level yesterday. On the way up (1:45 from
      11,600 ft, about 1500 ft/hr), I was breathing hard and
      a young hiker passed me at about twice the pace with
      hardly a breath. Just wait 2 weeks!

      I was going to take the Sawtooth over to Mt. Evans
      (saving $6 vs. driving to the summit) but decided
      against it. Good thing, because I started getting an
      altitude headache on the way down and it got pretty
      painful. Usually I only go to 12,000 ft. on the first
      full day, and 14,000 ft. on the second, and by the
      third day I no longer have headaches at 14,000 ft. I
      noticed a slight sensation of intoxication at the end
      of the hike which went away after driving to lower
      altitude, but the headache is only now fading after 8
      hours at 6000 ft.

      BTW this other hiker had an ice axe. Noting the lack
      of snow, I asked him if he thought he would need it.
      He said he used it on Mt. Yale a few days ago. They
      had a storm and 60 MPH winds when he climbed it.

      We climb Princeton on Sat. and Yale on Sun. I will
      probably check my email next Tues. Go to

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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