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1842John Cappis Update-4JAN09

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  • Charles Thorn
    Jan 4, 2009
      Happy New Year to everyone.
      This afternoon, I talked to Lona who provided an update on John.

      On Friday, John was moved to a nursing home in Montrose where he will
      continue to get intensive physical and speech therapy. He has made slow
      progress in the past couple of weeks, in part because of the holidays when
      his therapists took some time off. His speech is improving and he can
      articulate some words but most are not well spoken. That is really
      frustrating to him. Progress is being made in his paralyzed side and he can
      move his arm and leg. One of the consequences of the second stroke is that
      he has been less mobile so he has lost some strength but is getting it back.
      The therapists report that John has incredible will power and is active in
      his recovery. It is not yet possible to guess when he will get back home
      but Lona is very optimistic on his recovery.

      John is not able to receive visitors yet and cannot talk well on the phone.
      However, he really would like the cards and letters to continue. Just sent
      them to his home:

      John Cappis
      46 Lupine Lane
      Ridgway, CO 81432

      About the most we can do for him now is to pray for his recovery and send
      him a note.


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