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1805John Cappis Update-6NOV08

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  • Charles Thorn
    Nov 6, 2008
      The short version is that John is doing extremely well and the prospects for
      full recovery are excellent.

      John, Lona, and Andrew flew to Montrose on Saturday, November 1. The trip
      was exhausting for them all. John's color was returning on Sunday. On
      Monday, he stayed up longer than he had on Saturday and Sunday combined.

      He has full motion on his right side and his handshake was very strong. The
      cast on his right leg and the back brace to aid lumbar fracture healing
      present challenges to mobility but he is coping well. In other words, when
      moving around, he rarely makes the same mistake twice. He should be able to
      put weight on his right leg by Christmas and the ankle staples were removed

      John is in good spirits. His long term memory is intact and he related
      details of his Whitney climb as well as details of previous running and
      Hardrock experiences. His short term memory seems to be intact too, as he
      had little problem remembering the previous day's conversations. Sometimes
      he has difficulty finding the right word to express an idea but from
      Saturday to Tuesday, I could sense significant improvement. One problem is
      interesting: When he's at his pc, he cannot always remember what command to
      use to do things that are routine for any of our children. Of course,
      that's the operational definition of child proof.

      John got delight out of the dozens of cards he got in the hospital. Now
      that he's home, you can send them to:
      John Cappis
      46 Lupine Lane
      Ridgway, CO 81432


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