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1798Update on John - 13OCT08

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  • Charles Thorn
    Oct 13 12:39 PM

      Here's the latest update on John's condition from Lona.

      Dear Family and friends,

      John has continued to recover from his stroke. He is now swallowing and
      feeding himself. He is lifting the right arm and has feeling in his right
      foot. We are busy re-enforcing names of family and friends and talking about
      past experiences. The other day I asked him if he would like a drink of
      water or of lemon-lime soda. He said "Initially, I would like water." But
      most of the time he still struggles to finish his sentences. As you might
      imagine, he gets very frustrated. We are sure that his previous good health
      and fitness will serve him well in his recovery. Lona

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