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1771Across The Years...Last Call

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  • Nardini Manor
    Jul 31, 2008
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      Hello Listers,

      I just wanted to remind everyone that you have just 3 days left to sign up
      for this years running of Across The Years. This is our Silver Anniversary
      and things are shaping up for a great event.

      New this year, we've implemented a whole new pricing schedule which actually
      reduces the cost to enter.that is, if you decide to opt out of getting all
      the goodies and so far about 30% of the entrants have done just that. I
      believe that one of two things is happening; either, ATY runners really do
      come just to run or maybe the fuel prices really are cutting into our
      running budgets. With fuel prices the way they are, we were worried that
      some of our long time participants may not be able to come but that doesn't
      seem to be the case.

      So, if you don't need anymore technical shirts, jackets, gloves, bib
      holders, duffle bags, buckles or awards and just want to run; where else can
      you run for 24 hours, get catered food, instant lap times, messages from
      friends, a heated sleeping area, warm showers, live entertainment (in lieu
      of Paul Bonnett, that is ;-) ) fireworks over the new years and still just
      pay $80. There will be a "Selection Process", or lottery - depending on how
      technical you want to be with the term, but historically most everyone that
      enters our event and is willing to wait out the waiting list and then make
      last minute travel arrangements, will get in.

      Hope to see you in late December,

      Rodger Wrublik (ATY Host & Registrar)

      Across The Years

      www.acrosstheyears.com <http://www.acrosstheyears.com/>

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