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  • Matt Mahoney
    Jun 5, 2008
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      June 24, fly to Colorado Springs. Reserved space for 2 weeks at Leadville Hostel.
      July 4, Leadville 5K
      July 5, Leadville marathon
      July 8 (about), camp at South Mineral
      July 11, Hardrock
      July 15, fly back to Florida (elevation 17 ft).

      Still trying to decide between New Balance 790 trail shoes (7.5 oz) and Vibram Five Fingers KSO (5.5 oz). I wore the FiveFingers for the first 26 miles of Wickham Park before my feet started getting sore, then switched to a more supportive shoe (Nike Mayfly) for the next 61 miles. The problem with the FiveFingers is I feel every rock, but maybe that won't be a problem since the rocks will be buried in snow :-)

      I'm trying to take 29 seconds off my Hardrock time, so every ounce counts. I suppose the Mayfly would work, but they are rated for 100 km, so I would need to change at Ouray. Oh wait, I already have 300 miles on them...

      If anyone wants to do a few 14ers (shoe testing) in the Leadville area let me know.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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