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1549Re: [hr100] Trail Work Sessions

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  • Jennifer Roach
    May 5, 2008
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      Hi John

      If we can make it, we will do at least one of the days.

      Will you guys be able to set up the aid station in Pole Creek this year??!!

      johncappis wrote:
      > I am working on trying to schedule work with the Colorado Fourteener's
      > Initiative Group and/or the BLM for the week end of July 5-6. Work
      > with CFI would be on Handies. The BLM has some things they want to do
      > in the Redcloud area similar to what was done in 2007. The amount of
      > work to be done up high will be highly dependent on snow melt, so we
      > may not know where work will be done until mid or late June. For
      > planning, assume 15 people on Handies and 15 with BLM. I am also
      > working with the Ouray Trails group to see if we can do some work on
      > the Ouray Bear Creek Trail one or two other days. If you are
      > interested in working please let me know, indicating preferences of
      > where you would like to work. As per past practices, extra tickets
      > for the 2009 drawing will be given for trail work, normally one ticket
      > for two days work.
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