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152Re: [hr100] Re: Hardrock is only 90 miles!

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  • Matt Mahoney
    May 12, 2000
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      --- Roger Wiegand <rwiegand@...> wrote:
      Another factor that distorts the space-time metric is
      sleep deprivation. I found that after about 44 hours
      that all of the trails were twice as long and twice as

      Furthermore, there was no longer a linear mapping of
      the terrain to my map, resulting in my map becoming
      useless for navigational purposes, resulting in my
      getting completely lost, resulting in a 51 hour DNF
      two years ago.

      > I am virtually certain that I ran at least 100 miles
      > last year. (Look how
      > long it took me, if you have any doubts!) But just
      > to be sure, I will get
      > up early the morning of the race and take a ten-mile
      > run before the
      > start. I invite any other runners with geometric
      > anxiety to join me.

      Will this be on the course? I found some sections
      around Grant-Swamp pass that are not quite on the
      course but are far more difficult than anything we
      would normally have to do. It would be interesting to
      explore these regions in a normal space-time continuum
      to see if they really are as vertical as they seemed
      at the time. Just to make sure we don't miss the
      start, I would recommend we get up about 15 hours
      early and bring ropes.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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