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1512Re: [hr100] Re: Are you sure you want to run HR this year?

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  • Twiggsc@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2008
      Let me see - kick sled or a run on the beach?

      Chris in Fla.
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      From: "kaitainen" <andrea@...>

      Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 17:26:00
      Subject: [hr100] Re: Are you sure you want to run HR this year?

      I forgot to mention one of the really cool things about Silverton in
      the winter - in the gym photo, notice that there is a small metal
      contraption parked out front.

      This is a kicksled, and it is how many locals get around for 2-4
      months out of the year when firing up the car is pretty silly. I got
      to see this in practice when I've visited in the winter and it is a
      great sight, from the kids to the moms and babies, all leaving
      knife-like cuts in the ice and snow on the ground as they glide around

      Truly a cool part of Silverton's day to day life that isn't
      experienced by the usual visitors or even the summer residents - since
      they stay far away during the cold months...

      More info here:
      http://www.denverpo <http://www.denverpost.com/ci_7892205?source=rssdp> st.com/ci_7892205?source=rssdp
      http://www.potku <http://www.potku.fi/kepopas/kepopas_eng.htm> fi/kepopas/kepopas_eng.htm


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      > Bring a shovel! :-)
      > http://www.hardrock <http://www.hardrock100.com/> 100.com/
      > Andrea
      > in Albuquerque
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