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150Re: [hr100] Re: Hardrock is only 90 miles!

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  • Michael A. Farris
    May 12, 2000
      Roger wrote:
      >So what does this mean for us Hardrockers? While parapsychology is a bit
      >outside my realm of expertise, it seems clear that a gathering of 100
      >deranged minds in one location has the potential to distort space, thereby
      >changing the metric.

      I think Mulder and Scully are entered, undercover, to investigate
      just this phenomenon. Scully will be the one running in heels, so
      she'll be EZ to pick out.

      The truth is out there.


      Dr. Mike Farris mfarris@...
      Associate Professor of Biology http://www.hamline.edu/~mfarris
      Hamline University, St. Paul, MN 55014
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