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1459Re: [hr100] Re: Hardrock 100 report

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  • james varner
    Jul 18 11:00 AM
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      great attitude matt!!!! and i too liked your report.

      Matt Mahoney <matmahoney@...> wrote: I want to thank everyone who replied to my Hardrock race report (now posted to
      http://www.mattmahoney.net/07hardrock.txt ). I have never had so many
      responses to a race report before. Usually I would get 1 or 2. I got around
      40. I don't know what to write to everyone that emailed me privately.

      laz is right. You have to draw a line. Races can be won or lost by hundredth
      of a second. Otherwise, what's the point?

      There are lots of places I probably could have made up 28 seconds. Perhaps
      one more day of altitude acclimation, or if I had done a little more hill
      training on highway overpasses in Florida, or if I had not run a marathon 6
      days earlier, or had used a crew, pacer, or drop bags. But so what? I would
      end up with another symbolic artifact to be put away on a shelf, and probably
      a much less interesting race report. Everyone knows what I did. Missing a
      finish cutoff doesn't have real consequences, such as if I had been 28 seconds
      late for my flight home today.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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