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143Hardrock is only 90 miles!

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  • Matt Mahoney
    May 6, 2000
      I just got my Hardrock entry booklet today. Very nicely done, But on page 2
      of the course description, item 6, it says:

      "All mileage used were obtained by map measurement with on the ground wheel
      measurement verifications for over half the course. To correct for vertical
      changes on the map measurements, the vertical distances are added directly
      to horizontal distances to obtain the totals"

      If we subtract the vertical distance (66,000 ft. = 12.5 miles) from the
      total distance (101.7 miles), we obtain a horizontal component of 89.2
      miles. Then applying Pythagoras' theorem, which is the correct method of
      combining horizontal and vertical distances (assuming a constant grade), we

      sqrt(89.2^2 + 12.5^2) = 90.1 miles.

      So this course is really not has hard as everyone says it is :-)

      Also, a couple of minor errata:

      1. Carl Yates is listed as -27 years old (a lingering Y2K bug maybe, or did
      we make an exception to the minimum age requirements?)

      2. At the absolute bottom of the all time finishers results (sorted by
      time), Fred Vance and I (with * by our names) are listed as finishing
      unofficially in 51:08 in '98. Our actual time was 51:38:34 (a blistering
      34:23/mile pace, and I had the blisters to prove it).

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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