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141Re: [hr100] training

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  • Matt Mahoney
    May 3, 2000
      --- Matt Mahoney <matmahoney@...> wrote:
      > --- christopher ernst <chrisernst@...> wrote:
      > > I still haven't seen what will
      > > be the first 25 miles
      > > of this years course and I am particularly
      > > interested in seeing that ground.

      Oh, FIRST 25 miles. Don't worry, it will be light and
      lots of other runners around so you can't get lost.
      First 3 miles are mud, then 2 big climbs to Cunningham
      and Maggie, then mostly flat and wet until the trail
      down to Sherman. You're better off training on the
      harder and nighttime sections, Handies Peak to Grouse
      Gulch, Engineer to Ouray, Virginius Pass, and
      ESPECIALLY Chapman to the finish.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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