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1394Re: [hr100] race food

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  • Deb Pero
    Mar 21, 2007
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      Okay, Matt, leave the nice man alone.... :-)

      what you have to understand, Markus, is that Matt is a minimalist.. most of
      us prefer to carry a bit more with us.
      Next thing you'll know, he;ll have you running without socks, carrying a
      $1.98 maglite as your only light, and taking only one bottle to fill in
      The aid station food is good, and they'll have alot of choices for you...
      soup, sandwiches, smoked brisket, mac/cheese, etc. etc. But you might still
      want to supplement between aid stations. Whatever you use in training will
      work here too.

      I'm in Silverton right now, and it's snowing up a storm (no pun intended).
      Went out on the "beaver pond" trail towards Arrastra this morning, and it's
      just lovely..the beaver ponds are frozen, and the trees are sporting a new
      layer of white. Tucker the dog is loving being out here, and has adapted
      well to his role as official lobby dog of the Wyman HOtel....

      On 3/21/07, markus4345 <mark.a.mueller@...> wrote:
      > > I guess if you can finish in 26 hours like Karl Meltzer you could do
      > the whole
      > > thing on gels, but the rest of us will be out there a little longer. How
      > long
      > > do you think you could go about your normal routine (work, watch TV,
      > etc)
      > > eating nothing but gels? And then running in the mountains all night
      > isn't
      > > going to help your stomach either.
      > >
      > > You don't need to buy food. The aid station food is very good. You don't
      > > need to carry food between aid except maybe between Sherman and Grouse,
      > where
      > > you can just take a little food from the aid station. There is plenty of
      > > water between aid stations so you can save some weight by not filling
      > your
      > > bottles. Believe it or not, Hardrock can be finished without crew,
      > pacer, or
      > > drop bags. (Well, I would have if I did not waste 7 minutes taking
      > pictures).
      > >
      > >
      > > -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
      > I read the interview in ultrarunning about Karl. He said, that he also
      > eats gels during
      > training runs. His argument was that its better to eat gels because the
      > stomach doesn't
      > have to work that hard to process the food. Which makes sense to me.
      > If I would like to eat only gels? I don't know. So far I was a big beliver
      > in normal food.
      > And I have any stomach problems during ultras.
      > Matt, you don't eat anything between the aidstations? They are 2-5h apart.
      > Markus

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