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1390Re: [hr100] River crossings

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  • TheTroubadour
    Mar 21, 2007
      You guys are killin' me. There's also (now) a bridge over whatever-raging-torrent-that-is which totally soaks your ingress and egress to the Sherman Aid Station. In the CCW you hit it first, before entering Sherman. And vividly do I recall when there WASN'T any bridge.

      There was this log. A rather fat, long, slippery, slimy, totally soggy log. That log crossed the raging torrent (could it be considered a river? mountain runoff? effluvial stream? Thor's Revenge?).

      Distinctly I remember the A/S volunteer on the Sherman side hollering at me as I was about to cross:

      "Well, you can take the log or wade through the water. It's your choice."

      I go, "I think I'll wade the river. It's drier."

      Happy Humpday, group!

      Yurz troubly,
      Humpday Dumpty

      PS: Actually what this is, is a convenient excuse to "test" my connection. This ISP I'm currently cursed with [but that's changing] has been doing me the ignominious "favor" of BLOCKING alla y'all's Hardrock messages. It thinks you guys are Spam.

      (When, really, we all know different, don't we? Most Hardrockers are more closely aligned with burnt toast. :-)

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      --- Deb Pero <mtnrunner02@...> wrote:

      > oh, darn, I was going to tell him we all don wetsuits before the river
      > crossings...
      > I do remember crossing the Uncompaghre one year, it was just shortly after
      > dark, and the water was chest deep on me.... I had my flashlight in my teeth
      > to keep it dry, and hanging on to the rope for dear life.
      > Very "refreshing". And I had just put on dry socks and shoes. (silly me).

      Boring... we go across a bridge now.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...


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