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1374questions about Hardrock

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  • markus4345
    Mar 6, 2007

      I was very lucky to get into Hardrock. So now I have a couple of questions.
      I am roadrunner with 56 ultra races and 6 multi day races. I did long distance trekking in
      Europe, Nepal and Ethiopia. Since last year I life in the rockies at 7500 ft. So I am quite new
      to the trail running business.

      1. I know that ultra training is very individual, but do you do any special runs, like up and
      down a 14er 2 times in a row ?

      2. What are you doing with your course map during the run. Do you carry a map case?

      3. How do you treat your feet, since there are a lot of creeks to cross?
      (Special socks, serveral pair of shoes)

      4. Beside Ouray and Telluride are there any easy reachable aid stations for the crews?

      5. Any other suggestions, I don't even think of?

      Thanks a lot
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