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  • traildog100@aol.com
    Jan 19, 2007
      Blake wrote:
      "So far, we have over 200 applicants for our 130 starting slots in the 2007 Hardrock Hundred. A list of entry applications received can be found at http://www.run100s.com/HR/2007%20Apps%20Received.pdf"


      I think Hardrock is taking the Buddy System a little too far!

      Going through the list, it looks like Noah should be the RD. I found 2 of the following: Heaphy, Horton, Pero, Remkes, Smith, Taylor, Thorn, Turk, and Gardner (plus 1 Gardiner).

      Then, there's some one-off pairs: Blom/Bloom, Christensen/Christopherson, Curry/Curial, Farrett/Farris, Geiss/Geist, Hall/Halladay/Hallsten, Mahon/Mason, Meyer/Meyers, Robbins/Robinson.

      Mike Dobies (obviously too much time on my hands.....)
      Lake Orion, Michigan
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