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1332Re: [hr100] Howdy from New Mexico!

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  • Twiggsc@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2006
      Congratulations on the move, Steve and Deb! I'm glad you finally made it out
      See you in Silverton in July!

      Chris in FLA

      In a message dated 11/2/2006 12:09:30 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      ultrastevep@... writes:

      Well....a lot has happened in the past several months. Deb and I sold our
      house in New Hampshire and moved to New Mexico. We just bought a house and
      below is a link to some pictures we took basically near our neighborhood. You
      will immediately see why we made the move. This section of NM is Colorado
      without all the snow. It is cold in the evening and warms up to a beautiful sunny
      day, just about every day! The locals tell me to not be surprised to have 50
      degree days in February! I have yet to run at lunch at work in anything but
      shorts and ss shirt.

      Our house is situated at about 8100 feet above sea level in the Jemez
      Mountains, about 20 miles west of Los Alamos in a little community of homes called
      Sierra Los Pinos. We have several mountains in our backyard (about a 30
      minute run) that reach above 10,000 feet. Across the road is an 11,000+ footer
      (Redondo Peak) that we're not allowed on because it is in the protected Valles
      Caldera (Google it!) and is supposedly sacred Indian land. (We might stealth
      hike it some night) ;-)

      Up here the norm is Ponderosa pine and not cactus and sand, like most think,
      although Deb has already "run" into a rattlesnake in one of the canyons and
      down near the Rio Grande south of Los Alamos I ran into a tarantula on a
      trail the size of Deb's fist! Tucker wasn't quite sure what to make of that ;-)
      The altitude has been difficult for us to adapt to, but I think after almost
      6 months I am starting to feel "normal" again and actually ran a 5K race in

      I have a 35 minute commute to work instead of the 90 minute commute I had
      from NH. Deb is starting to get active in the local artist scene and is about
      to have some of her works displayed at an art gallery show for the month of
      We are about a 5 hour drive to Silverton, Colorado, home of the Hardrock 100
      and maybe a 6 hour drive to Leadville. We are very close to Arizona and
      Utah, so can start running some races in those states. Deb spent the past two
      weeks in Texas visiting family because "she can"!

      Now that we will be in our house with good internet connection, we'll be
      back on the grid! We owe a lot to Charlie Thorn and his wife, Andi Kron who have
      put up with us living in their house since June! Many thanks to them as we
      got our New Mexican feet under us...

      Here is the link to the pictures we took this past weekend...

      Here is a link to our house...

      Life is good in New Mexico!

      Deb and Steve
      202 Mesa Verde
      Jemez Springs, NM 87025

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