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  • Dale Garland
    Oct 30, 2006
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      Hi Everybody,
      I may have already posted this, if I have please excuse my momentary
      At last years HRH, I had the opportunity to meet Elinor Fish and David
      Clifford from Trail runner magazine. They spent a great deal of time at our
      event and now I know why. They have put together a great article called
      "Repeat Offenders" about the runners who run Hardrock again and again which
      appears in the November issue. The article features nice thoughts from Kirk
      Apt, Roch Horton, Karl Meltzer, Tom Garrison, Betsy Nye and our first 5 time
      champion, Betsy Kalmeyer. It is definitely something that every Hardrocker
      needs to read.
      Dale Garland
      Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run