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1277Hardrock 2006

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  • Klondike4@aol.com
    Jun 20 7:10 AM
      Hey Scott - Hope your training has been going well and you are all
      rested and ready for another round of self inflicted fun! Just
      wondering when you are heading out there and where you are staying - I
      plan on heading out the 1st, so prob be there the 3rd and am planning
      on camping for the first week, then I have a room in the avon (I think
      the 8th on but Ill have to double check that as I no longer seem to
      have a memory) - anyway, if folks are camping together I was just
      looking to hook up - as I'm assuming the dates this yr,being the 4th
      that its gonna be packed. Lemme know - jeff

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