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1276SUCCEED Chosen for 2006 Hardrock

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  • Dale Garland
    Jun 16, 2006
      Hi Everyone,
      Here are a few updates for those of you who will joining us in Silverton.

      We are proud to announce that S! Ultra Energy Replacement drink will be
      the energy replacement drink at the 2006 Hardrock aid stations. Many thanks to
      Karl King for his support of our run.
      The snow is melting quickly in the San Juans and we don't anticipate any
      modifications to the course due to lingering snow.
      We are also pleased to announce the addition of Dr. David Hughes to our
      staff. David will be our medical services coordinator during the run. David is
      standing in for Leo Lloyd, who will be in Canada doing Search and Rescue
      training. We hope you can all say hi to David but not need his services.
      I am leaving for a couple of weeks beginning next Friday. Blake Wood has
      agreed to monitor this e-mail site while I am gone. If you need to contact us
      please use this e-mail address and your message will be forwarded to Blake.
      Hope everybody is healthy!
      Dale Garland
      Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run