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1275Re: [hr100] Greetings Finishers of Hardrock 2006!

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  • TheTroubadour
    Jun 12, 2006
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      Harvey Krishna, all yoooooooooooooou groovy lil' barefoot hairport

      This then, my UMcompadres-in-that-river-of-the-same-name, comprises
      everything that I would list on my DON'T WANT list:

      From: "Naeem Ravat" <I mean no disrespect; after all, doesn't this man run
      entire city marathons--just loaded with little rocks, broken glass, and,
      ugh, pavement--and doesn't he do it barefoot? He therefore deserves, and
      has, my utmost respect. Hey, I'm only yakkin' 'bout food here! ;>
      Date: Monday, June 12, 2006 4:56 PM

      good eats: Naan N Currie on Telegraph
      so good, so cheap...
      recommend: chicken tikka masala, palak gosht, and plain naan... and don't
      forget the all you can drink chai.

      good eats: Julies on Bancroft
      If you're there on a magical Friday when a Sufi Master is leading the
      community in Zikr invocations, wird, ratib then you will get a plentiful and
      tasty free malay, thai, polynesian meal

      good coffe shop: Strada on Bancroft at College
      An eclectic cafe where you here people saying things like -
      "I don't like the coffee, not impressed with the tea and pastries.. but I
      LOVE STRADA! The only place near campus where I can sit on the outside patio
      with a Pomegranite Italian Soda, smoke my cancer sticks and sketch people at
      nearby tables.
      - By favorite place to be a notebook bandit.
      - Oh, and AirBears is strong here - yay for student wireless!"

      . . .

      ...And then [in a VW microbus loaded with baking soda, asbestos hazmat
      suits, and implements of fire extinguishation] I went to Miami.

      Cheers, Salaams and Namaste,

      ( O_O )


      The sliced cheers, bite-size salaams, and pureed nasty little namastes I can
      handle, but please, dear Andrea,


      Currie (cheap or otherwise), chicken tikka masala, palak gosht, plain
      naan... and chai!


      Sufi Master, Zikr invocations, wird, ratib, malay (tasty, free, or
      otherwise), thai, or polynesia!


      Strada on Bancroft (at College or elsewhere), tea and pastries, Pomegranite
      Italian Soda, smoke, cancer slim jims, sketch people, notebooks, bandits,
      AirBears, or wireless!


      ...any *other* near-poison on the face of the planet is OK by me.


      - -

      With just a pinch between the teeth an' gums, and
      tongue firmly wedged up against the left inside cheek,

      Softrocks Rick

      "Here," as Larry my mentor would say, "have some salt."


      "That right there is a gold vein, Rich. Now. How ya gonna get it
      own?" -Cappis

      "Running provides little happiness which is no different from lack of
      pleasure. Happiness has only to do with shacking up with somethin'
      mind-blowingly hot back at the cabin. And I AIN'T talkin' about
      food!" -Limmickur

      "Only those who risk dropping off the cliffs of the earth can possibly he
      kept hidden long enough to never have to pay their insurance claim" -Gecko,
      the GEICO pitch-lizard

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      From: "kaitainen"
      <OHMMMMMMMMM, manni pahdmi, ohmmmmmmmmm>
      To: <how many amperes in an Ohm?>
      Sent: Friday, June 09, 2006 5:08 PM

      What kind of comfort, post-run food would you most like to see that
      might be lacking in the other aid stations? I am definitely
      gravitating towards the warm and goopy, like oatmeal, soup, pudding,
      mashed potatoes, etc.

      If you have other ideas, please let me know.

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