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1267Re: [hr100] Greetings Finishers of Hardrock 2006!

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  • sbrockmeier@unc.edu
    Jun 10, 2006
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      Hi Andrea,

      I hope not running was your choice..... I don't remember if you were
      on the wait list or not. Anyway, I hope your running is going well and
      thanks so much for all your support of the race!

      Here are some suggestions for finish line chow: Pizza ... who doesn't
      like pizza. I don't eat meat myself but I'm pretty sure even cold
      fried chicken would be popular. I think soup is a great idea. Have
      you ever heard about the famous potato soup that Anstr Davidson's wife
      makes for Massanutten? I know Anstr and might be able to get the
      recipe. I know you like to cook but I'm sure you'll have lots going on
      pre-race but it's an idea anyway.

      Grilled cheese or cheese quesadillas would also be yummy though they
      would require someone around to do the prep. Cold grilled cheese or
      quesadillas don't sound so yummy.

      I hope this helps. See you soon in Silverton.


      Quoting kaitainen <kaitainen@...>:

      > Howdy all,
      > I will not be running this year, but I will be feeding you all as you
      > stagger/stride/march/dance/skip across the finish line as I am running
      > the Silverton Aid Station in the high school gym.
      > What kind of comfort, post-run food would you most like to see that
      > might be lacking in the other aid stations? I am definitely
      > gravitating towards the warm and goopy, like oatmeal, soup, pudding,
      > mashed potatoes, etc.
      > If you have other ideas, please let me know.
      > Take care, and see you all soon!
      > Andrea
      > andrea@...
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