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125[hr100] Re: trail shoe crampons

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  • Keri French
    Mar 8, 2000
      Jennifer: I found a good pair of very lightweight crampons made by CAMP. They
      are made of a lightweight alloy, they have 6 points (no front points), they
      are adjustable and lace up with a strong and light nylon strap. They fit under
      the front portion of your shoe and are fairly straight forward to put on. I
      have them available in a key dropbag (Ouray) in case I feel the conditions &
      time of day might warrant them. I haven't had to use them yet on the course.
      It would be wise to road test them and get real good at putting them on prior
      to HR. For availability check at any good mountaineering shop. There is
      another type out that sit under the arch of your foot and attach with some
      large rubber bands and don't cost much. They appeared to be made for short
      term use on flat ground and probably wouldn't work well in the San Juans. Good

      Jan Gnass

      GRoachHigh@... wrote:

      > I am debating about these little crampons that can be slipped over trail
      > shoes for the steeper or icy snow fields enroute on the Hardrock course. I
      > have inquired with many veterans of the event. Some say they have used them.
      > Some say they do not bother.
      > Are they useful at HR100 and, if so, what kind should I buy? The ones I
      > looked at recently don't appear as though they could stop ones feet from
      > slipping.
      > Jennifer Roach
      > Boulder, CO>
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