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124[hr100] Re: Night Light Choices

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  • Michael A. Farris
    Mar 24, 2000
      >--- GRoachHigh@... wrote:
      > > What have racers and pacers used in the past for
      > > flashlights and headlamps at
      > > Hardrock?

      Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with great night vision, so I like a
      nice bright light. I use a modified Petzl Zoom headlamp; I removed
      the battery case from the headband and attached an extension cord.
      The battery case goes in my pack and I carry the headlamp in my hand.
      The flat 4.5V battery lasts 8 hours with a halogen bulb. Light to
      carry, and if I'm fiddling in my pack I just stick it on my head. The
      Petzl Arctic has the separate battery case when you buy it.

      As backups I carry a Princeton Tec 4AA (which failed last year due to
      a manufacturing defect) and a 1AA maglight.

      Though the trail markers seem pretty close together during the day,
      they can be hard to see at night. Take plenty of lumens.


      Dr. Mike Farris mfarris@...
      Associate Professor of Biology http://www.hamline.edu/~mfarris
      Hamline University, St. Paul, MN 55014
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